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Artist, Designer, Photographer, Author, Publisher, International Keynote Speaker, UFO/Paranormal Researcher, Environmentalist, Channel, Energy Worker

Media Appearances

Kim Carlsberg

• Radio Programs & Video Forums:

UFOMAN /Patrick Dust /Thom Reed

UN-X News Radio /Margie Kay
Coast To Coast AM w/George Noory
Sightings Radio w/ Henry Winkler
Project Camelot w/ Kerry Cassidy
Conscious Media Network w/ Regina Merideth
Gaiam TV w/ Regina Merideth
Veritas Radio w/ Mel Fabregas
SuperWoo Radio / George Kavassilas
As You Wish w/ James Gilliland
Awake in the Dream w/Laura Eisenhower
The Angela Joiner Report
The Jerry Pippin Show
Undercover w/ Joe Montaldo
UFOnaut w/ Jesse Randolf
The Soup Media Network w/ Angel Espino
The Quantum Leap w/ Bob Oliver
Haunted Voices Radio w/ Todd Bates
Serious Wonder Radio w/ Greg Scott
The Heronamous Show.

• Featured Newspaper and Magazine Articles:

The LA Times
Cinescape Magazine
New Woman Magazine
Nexus Magazine
Phoenix UFO Examiner
AOL News
Ventura Reporter
Extraordinary Intelligence
Above Top Secret
Exopolitics - Leeds.


• Featured Guest Television Appearances:

"Inside Man" w/ Morgan Spurlock (CNN)

Ancient Aliens, (The History Channel)

National Geographic (UFO Investigations)
Inside Edition (Network)
Sightings (Fox)
Paranormal Borderline (Fox)
The Other Side (NBC)
Sci-Fi- Buzz (Sci-Fi Channel)
Encounters (Fox).

• Featured Speaking Engagements:

Roswell UFO Festival, Roswell NM, 2023
Contatados, Sao Paulo Brazil, Sept 2016
UFO Congress, Phoenix AZ, Feb 2014
The 2013 Spiritual UFO Conference, Phoenix AZ
Roswell UFO Festival, Roswell NM, July 2013
Stargate to the Cosmos, SF CA, June 2013
Sedona, AZ MUFON Mar 2012
Phoenix, AZ  MUFON Jan 2012
Leeds Exopolitics, England 2011
Annual MENSA Convention - LA CA
OZUFO Conference - Lawrence KS
Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) - LA, CA

Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) - OC, CA
UFO Lectures of Orange County.

UFO Research Conference -  Greenville SC
Barnes & Noble Bookstores Various Locations