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Thank you so very much for giving from your heart and belief we make a difference. Speaking publicly about the UFO cover-up has cost me immensely. It is literally impossible for me to find a job these days because all employers do internet background checks on applicants. My name is all over the internet in regards to UFOs, extra-terrestrial contact, alien abduction and black government agendas.


As you can imagine, I never get call backs. I have been on the verge of homelessness for so many years now, I am loosing track, regardless of the fact I worked my way through eight years of college and broke through the glass ceiling in Hollywood by becoming the first woman in the IATSE Camera Union, Local 659. Thank you for helping keep me off the streets and supporting my ability to continuing sharing the truth about the extra-terrestrial presence engaging the human race. 


Blessings, Kim

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Artist, Designer, Photographer, Author, Publisher, International Keynote Speaker, UFO/Paranormal Researcher, Environmentalist, Channel, Energy Worker

Kim Carlsberg

Kim Carlsberg​